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NerdOwner a posted Jul 12, 18

Hello people, I've decided to make some improvements to our forums website by changing to my own custom website instead of using enjin as it looks very unprofessional for a top #11 server.

In a week from now the website will be under maintenance and hopefully after 2 hours if not more, the website and new forums will be finished with a custom logo and new style. I hope you are all having a nice day and I wish you all the best of luck on any of the gamemode! 

Hello people, I've decided to make a monthly vote event, this month's event we'll be giving away the Mortal rank for all gamemodes.

You can currently check the top monthly voter on the vote section, just click the monthly voter and you will see who is the king of the hill, the rank will be given and announced to the winner of the month automatically and easy.

I wish you all a great day and good luck, just click the vote section and make sure to vote on all the sites everyday, make us proud.

Happy birthday to me

NerdOwner a posted Jul 9, 18

Chapter 1.7

So today is my birthday, I'm not really gonna say much in this post and I'm just wanting to thank everyone who has been on my side since the beginning of the server, I'm glad you have all been with me through this whole process even at the worst of times. Honestly the best gift I could've ever gotten is the fact that you guys have been with me ever since, and still believe that the server will succeed one day.

Gift to everyone!

Those who will be in the server at this exact moment, will receive a gift! That's for my birthday, so lucky for you if you are, haha.

SlaySeason Happy birthday buddy :)


NerdOwner a posted Jul 9, 18

So as the title says, this is just going to be a small introduction about the Server and also Me.

My name is Plinio Rasch, I'm a 16 years old male and I live in Curacao located in the carribean. My hobbies are reading, playing chess, memorizing cards and I'm a speed cuber, NerdStuff. I've finished high school a couple of months ago, I currently don't have a job and I'm not planning on looking for a job either. So here's a little trivia about me, I've always been the type of student to get the lowest score in school, luckily I've still managed to pass the final exams somehow. Not much time ago I've used to do boxing, I've also been in tournaments, I've had my wins and also my defeats. I'm a very selfish and greedy person, I don't have a sense of empathy really. I also don't care if people hate me for what I am, I don't care about love either, I'm just a have sex and leave person. The only person I actually love is my Mom, she's worked really hard for me and I admire her a lot.  So that is really all there is about me, there's really nothing special and interesting about me. well except for my photographic memory.

Why I decided to make the server.

One day I decided to learn something new and creative, first thing that came in my head was, programming, web designing and painting. I was trying to figure out a way to learn all of those at the same time and suddenly I knew what it was, a Minecraft Server. I could learn to make my own plugins, design my own forums, webstore and learn to paint for the Server logo and of course, have fun. It was like killing 4 birds in 1 shot and so here I am making a server hoping that it will become the best server and even better than hypixel.

My plans for the server.

I'm currently planning on increasing the player stats on my server, as well as fixing the most bugs just to make the server perfect, I also want to make sure that you guys enjoy yourselves as much as possible by approving your ideas, I'll be making a special thread about ideas, and I'll make sure to approve them and even if I don't, I'll explain in detail why exactly I'm not able to approve it. I'm currently working on making this server unique and special, I'm planning on adding  30+ Unique gamemodes for you people to enjoy. I'm currently low on budget so I'm not really able to do that much currently, but with time I Promise you all that this server is going to be really fun.

My plans for the forums.

There's not really much about the forums, I'm currently planning to make it a place where people drop their ideas, donate in order to receive ingame items and help improve the server. I'll be adding a social media section where you can click a link that will direct you to my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Twitch, a follow wouldn't hurt and you will also get to know my face, it's just to create a more mutual trust between the players and the owner.

kimito How long will it takes server to be back today July 19?
SlaySeason Why is the server down??!?!?!? Can you tell me why you took it down?
x_KJ Ye this server is great :d
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